• What’s Crackin’ Episode 1

    What’s Crackin’ According to Urban Dictionary What’s Crackin’ is defined as “Saying wassup or whats going on.” What’s Crackin’ is quick rundown of events and parties going down in your hood. A gig guide of sorts, according to me. It will run on a weekly basis in the form of bite size video portions, shared across the web. “Saying wassup

  • Aweh it’s Gino Fernandez!

    Who is Gino Fernandez ? Don’t talk kak*! If you don’t know who he is by now then you are definitely a boring burger. Have you been living under a rock? And I’m not referring to the peeps hailing from Rocklands but seriously you should know him by now. In the dark ages Kings had jesters

  • Ultra SA artists gather for a good cause

    BRIDGES FOR MUSIC GALA DINNER Big international artists and an amazing range of local talents performing at ULTRA SA 2017, will gather together the night before the festival starts at a fundraising event for Bridges for Music. With various sponsors, the evening will include a special gala dinner, full of surprise performances at the iconic

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