Friday Mix: Ryan Page

By VersatileLyle

Friday Mix

Welcome to the inaugural edition of a little segment entitled Friday Mix. A weekly interview combined with an exclusive mix by some of South Africa’s up & coming and established DJ’s. This week we kick off things with a guy I met on the Cape Town House Scene, Ryan Page.

I’ve always been a music lover, Hip Hop played a major role in my life until I had my first Deluxe experience.

Ryan Page

Who is Ryan Page? Well, the only way to find out was to ask the man himself.

Ryan Page

For those who don’t know who you are can you give us a brief introduction.

Geez, going right in there with the difficult questions. My name is Ryan and I’m just an average oke trying to get by like everyone else I guess.

What sparked your love for house music and DJing?

I’ve always been a music lover, Hip Hop played a major role in my life until I had my first Deluxe experience when I was about 17 lol, that’s when House kind of took over. I only fell into the DJing thing after I moved into a place next door Clint Hill and his family, one could say they’re the reason I’m a DJ today.

Which DJ’s do you look to for inspiration locally and internationally?

Locally, there are so many guys out here that are so talented it actually freaks me out at times but guys like Da Capo, Cassiem Latief, Bruno Morphet, Emlyn Williams, Adam De Smidt and Clint Hill really get me going when they feel like it and recently JNN KPN blew my mind too.

Internationally, the list is even longer but my favourite DJ’s/producers at the moment are Hyena, &Me, Jesus Pablo and Luca Baccetti.

You are one of the founding members of Rhythm, can you give us the story behind the brand and how it came into being?

Well, Clint summoned me to his place one day (I thought I’d done something wrong) and he basically told me he wants to do something and asked me if I want to get involved, I saw it as an opportunity to learn and we had our first event a few months later, due to creative differences our other partner pulled out and that event tanked, that’s when Rhythm was born.

All-time favourite House Track and why?

hmmmm, tough one but I’ll have to go with- Louie Austen – Hoping (Herbert’s High Dub). I can’t explain why but it’s just does it for me.

They say you can tell a lot about a man by what he drinks, what’s your drink of choice when out and about?

My drink of choice when I’m out and about is Jameson but my budget dictates Castle Lite haha!

With the summer season coming up what events or parties are you excited for?

Right now, its Rhythm on the 4th of November, it’s our first birthday and we’re hoping for a proper Jol! Other than that, there’s Jimpster happening at the end of the month and hopefully we’ll get to see Hyena in early November again.

How tough is it to be a DJ?

In today’s time, it’s not really that difficult, music is so easily accessible and equipment has become easier to use so anyone could do it I suppose. Juggling between work, music, events and a personal life is probably the most difficult of it for me but playing to people and seeing them enjoy it makes all the kak worth it.

What goes into your track selection and how do you prepare for a gig?

Flow is important to me so my track selection is really dependent on the vibe on the floor at the time, as far as prep goes, I buy a few new tracks that would suit my time slot and then depending on the vibe, I’ll either get to play them or not.

If you could give one piece of advice for aspiring house DJ’s what would it be?

Don’t quit, there’s a lot of bullshit and drama in this industry but don’t let it affect you, keep it about the music and delivering quality at your gigs and events.

This Week’s Mix

I don’t often get to play music around the 120-BPM range so here it is, some late night music that starts off with tech influenced house and builds from there – Ryan Page

Follow Ryan and the Rhythm crew on their musical Journey:

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