Are Beards Still Cool

By VersatileLyle

The Big Beard Question

I’ve been busy advancing in my personal career and the growth has been phenomenal, after all careers are meant to grow, right? The same can be said about the topic of this post. Are beards meant to grow? Men were designed to grow facial hair for a reason, well most men (besides you, Wesley Bryan). Now there are a few questions still plaguing those lucky enough to grow the stuff. Are beards still relevant? Are beards still trendy? Are beards still, dare I say this, sexy? But most importantly…

Are Beards Still Cool?

To uncover the answers, I took to the cyber streets of Facebook.

Read how it all went down.

Judging by the comments from majority of the females, it would suggest that beards are not a hit with the opposite sex but I just can’t help but get the feeling that it’s here to stay. And if it’s here to stay then all you pogonophile’s can be reassured to see their beloved facial hair flourish a bit longer.

Self-proclaimed pogonophile and fellow blogger, Nicci Arrison from Nicci Notes, shared her views on the matter:

“There is something about a well structured and “pruned” beard that is just eye-catching… it’s rugged and manly… and a guy that has the patience and stamina to not only grow a beard, but also look after it says alot about his character… 9/10 it is these guys who look after themselves and their beards that have their affairs in order and are just as precise in their homes as they are with how they present themselves.

It’s hard to explain… I’m not saying guys without beards are messy, it’s just that guys with good beards tend to be more structured in every other area of their lives… they care about how they present themselves… and what female is not attracted to a guy that has his affairs in order.”

Feel like Nicci makes a valid point?

Thanks to the good folks at Karoo Beard Co for giving me the inspiration to write this post and just for the record, this is not a sponsored post.


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