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By VersatileLyle

Cape Town Comedy is Now Online

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, laughter is the best form of medicine, look to the funny side of life, don’t be boring- live a little. Comedy is the answer to many of life’s issues and who doesn’t like a good laugh from time to time? Comedy has evolved over time from the streets, to the stage, the small screen, the big screen and now a new breed of comedy is formulating and its home is online. Cape Town Comedy has always been up there with the best in the world but do our new crop of online-comedians have what it takes to stand-up internationally?

Well, I certainly think they have what it takes and here’s three of my favourite Capetonian Facebook Comedians to prove it.


His love for filming comedy sketches has seen him rise to new heights and I have personally seen his channel grow year on year and the numbers don’t lie.

Facebook Subscribers: 147,208

Consistently posting quality videos week in and week out, I often wonder where he finds the time to do what he loves. I guess if you are passionate about something you will find the time and this is exactly what he has found. Time and time again he causes a stir among Capetonians with his hilarious antics (Have you seen his South African Questions Series?) and this is why he is loved by Cape Town and the rest of South Africa.

What was, in your opinion, the video that propelled you to Facebook stardom?

“My 50 shades of grey – Cape flats edition video”

Which video is your favourite?

“I don’t have any favourite, I see it differently to the viewers, however each video was fun to film but if I chose one it would have to be, “When you doing good in mid January

Which Capetonian facebook comic/s do you follow?

“I follow Yasseen Barnes. He is hilarious. Dry, but he makes it hilarious.”

For more videos head on over to the Devdondidit Facebook Page

Sep and Simon

These guys must be on some sort of creative steroids, they just can’t stop being awesome or should I say *befok!

*Befok – (adj.) to be kwaai. or according to Urban Dictionary: A South African and particularly Cape Town word for really good! Can also be used to describe someone crazy.

Facebook Subscribers: 24,544

The amount of hilarious content they are producing is phenomenal and they are doing it at a rapid rate. With hit videos like; Types of Coloureds, Antiques Roadshow, Types of FIFA Players and Yaadt Nommers, to crazy “Life-on-the-Flats” memes about eating krief, these guys are, as they say, LIT AF!

What was, in your opinion, the video that propelled you to Facebook stardom?

“Yaadt Nommers Dance Academy 1 and Famous Moments in Coloured History – The Swirlkous”

Which video is your favourite?

Sep – “CSI Kaapstad ep 2”
Simon – “Chising Hotline”

Which Capetonian facebook comic/s do you follow?

DevDonDidIt, Yaaseen Barnes, Life With Iemie, Chuqy and Boere & Eslee

For more videos and memes do yourself a favour and like Sep and Simon on Facebook.

Life with Iemie

I first encountered Iemie on Facebook before he went Super Saiyan (viral) and I guess he could appreciate the irony because he more resembles that other short guy from the Dragonball series. You know right, the bald one, Krillin. Iemie on the other is not in search of balls he’s more into making you laugh and have a good time, then again he might be on the lookout to make more Capetonians laugh so, head on over to his Facebook Page and hit the like button.

Facebook Subscribers: 21,404

Iemie has this unique humorous storytelling style that invites the viewer to experience the life and times of a Muslim family living in Cape Town. His family joins in on the fun too, most noticeably his wife, who firstly has to put up with filming (I know how my wife can get sometimes when all I’m doing is shooting videos or blogging) but more importantly she packs in a mean punch when it come to her performance. Iemie, watch out I suspect she’ll be starting her own Youtube channel soon.

What was, in your opinion, the video that propelled you to Facebook stardom?

“The Boeka Nights video. It went viral on whatsapp and everyone had the video. Some people only know me from the Boeka Nights video.”

Which video is your favourite?

“My favourite video on my page: Robbery on the Cape Flats. It also reached over 290 000 views.”

Which Capetonian facebook comic/s do you follow?

“I watch every Capetonian comics videos. Some of them are friends of mine and I enjoy their material but theres only a handful of local guys making skits. Sep and Simon, Chuqy, Devdontdidit… and I follow Yuzriq Meyers vlogs.”

Experience Life with Iemie over on his Facebook Page.


There you have it 3 of Cape Town’s best Facebook Sketch Comics. Watch out for more posts about Cape Town’s Comedians.

We might not have much water but we have an abundance of local comedy talent and I’ll be here to showcase them with you all.

Who’s you favourite Facebook Comedian?

Who should be included in the next post?

Let me know in the comments section below.

*Facebook Subscriber stats from 19/02/2017
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