[Guest Post] 13 Reasons Why I’m Happier

[Guest Post] 13 Reasons Why I'm Happier

Rules to Live by

In my brief 28 years on this earth I’ve learned that there are 2 very important rules to live by – the first one is to be a good person, as long as you are enriching at least one persons life and not negatively impacting anyone else, you are good. The second rule is to JUST BE HAPPY! Life is way to short to deprive yourself of people, experiences and things that excite you to your core.

Much easier said than done, you say? I say try a bit, otherwise it will always be impossible.


13 Reasons Why I’m Happier

With this in mind I’ve jotted down some of the core lessons I’ve learned that help me stay on the path of happiness and a prosperous adventure on this rocky journey I am on. I suppose someone reading this may find it useful too.

  1. With every single action, keep your heart as light as you possibly can
  2. Nobody knows anything – especially me and Jon Snow
  3. It’s always 4:20 somewhere
  4. ALWAYS keep an open mind, there is a 90% chance that you may learn something about the world, or even better, about yourself (and if someone teaches you something about yourself, THANK THEM)
  5. In the words of a wise bronze lady “I’m feeling myself, feeling my, feeling my, feeling myself” – celebrate YOU every day
  6. Treat everyone with respect, however, protect what is yours.
  7. Pick your battles. Not every battle is worth your energy.
  8. Spend time getting to know yourself, honestly. The good, the bad and the nasty.
  9. Pay it forward without expecting gratification because most times you won’t get any, and when you do, it’s amazing. It’s a reward on its own.
  10. Appreciate those who surround you with positivity. Those people are important.
  11. If it feels wrong for you – it is. Re-route. Never compromise your own happiness for anyone.
  12. Appreciate people who encourage you, care about you and want only goodness for you – return the energy. Never take them for granted – tomorrow is never guaranteed for you, for them or for and with each other.
  13. Live for the Journey of life, not the end result.

Be LEKKER and the world will be lekker right back at you.



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    Awesome article. We could all be better off by following this advice.

    1. VersatileLyle

      Thanks John, I love this list that Bianca came up with!

  2. Chiara

    Words to live by. 💙

  3. Reply

    Love this. Good time to apply some of the advice to my life 🙂

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