Wonder Women: Dhanusha Dhoorgalu

By VersatileLyle

I’ve Only Just Recently Met Dhanusha Dhoorgalu

She has such a cool name don’t you think? Say it with me, “Dha-nu-sha”, how cool does that not sound! When I finally met the person whom I’ve been emailing for the past year I quickly learnt that she’s even cooler than her name. Dhanusha Dhoorgalu aka Miss Dhanusha aka Her Wineness is a young lifestyle blogger making her mark on the local blogging scene. She loves exploring our beautiful country and although originally from Durban, she rates Cape Town to be the best city in South Africa. Must be her love for wine which has influenced her decision to relocate to Cape Town. I consider Dhanusha to be an avid wine connoisseur, as she is often spotted hanging out with a local contingent of wine bloggers doing their thing, tasting and exploring all that which the Cape Winelands has to offer.

Blogging, exploring, studying and enjoying life, she’s quite the busy lady and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to a Wonder Woman on the rise, Dhanusha Dhoogalu!

“You are limitless, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”

Dhanusha Dhoorgalu

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?


When did you start blogging and what was your motivation?

The beginning of 2017. I wanted to share my thoughts online and inspire others.

What process do you have in place for generating content for your blog?

I have to admit my process is not very organized. I usually have a few ideas for blog posts, these come to me whenever, I keep it in mind. I take the photos for a blog post, I do the research and then start writing. This usually takes some time to do as I edit the photos as well. I then have a friend read it to edit in case I have made some mistakes I didn’t pick up. Thereafter I publish and double check it is all fine.

Follow her Blog: Miss Dhanusha 

Name your favourite local (besides me) and international bloggers who inspire you.

Local bloggers:

Liezel Malherbe – www.9lives.co.za

Candice Leekan – www.inmybag.co.za

Jared Ruttenburg – www.jaredincpt.com

Nisa – www.belleblushh.com


Totalmakeupjunkie101, Wayne Goss, (Youtubers)

Dhanusha Dhoorgalu IG


Your unbiased opinion, which is the better city to live in, Durban or Cape Town?

Cape Town without a doubt. I was born in Durban and it’s not a bad city or anything it’s just not for me. There’s so much more to do in Cape Town and it’s just so beautiful.

As a vegetarian what is you absolute favourite dish?

Hard to choose just one but I would say paneer chutney and also pasta (veg alfredo)

Are there any cool books that you are currently reading?

At the moment no, just textbooks.

Name your all-time favourite TV Series and what are you currently binge watching?

I love so many series but my all-time favourite has to be Law & Order SVU. I also love Game of Thrones. Currently I am watching The Sinner season 2.

Care to share a one of your secret makeup hacks with my female readers?

Apply a lip liner over your entire lip before applying your lipstick, this will help your lipstick last throughout the day.

Dhanusha Dhoorgalu IG


Your dream local and international holiday destination?

Local – Knysna: we stopped here on our way to PE and I was mesmerized by its beauty.

International – Everywhere, I just want to travel. If I had to choose, Greece, Morocco, London and Venice.

Do you have any message of encouragement for all Women this Women’s Month?


Love yourself as much as you love others, give yourself the same time and care that you so willingly give to others. Love your body with all its flaws and imperfections and support others as much as you can. You are limitless, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


Catch up with Dhanusha on Instagram: @miss_dhanusha

Dhanusha Dhoorgalu

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