Sep & Simon Calls it a Day!

By VersatileLyle

Curtains Close for Sep & Simon

What a turn of events! Just the other day myself and Miss Molly were having such a lekker lag (laugh) at Sep & Simon’s last video centered around the Cape Flats Avengers and now they too will be vanishing from our screens. One might think it was a smart play on their part, calling it quits soon after their Avengers skit, as most of the Avengers cast vanished into thin air however, I would like to believe that it was not the case.

Sep & Simon

Having met and shot skits (link to my feature) with them I can tell you that there is no better comedy duo out there who have taken the Cape Flats by storm as they did! The reality of them parting ways will be felt by many.

Why the Sudden Announcement?

Consistently producing content week in and week out can be a daunting task which can take its toll on you and I am well aware of the immense pressure you undergo to stay on top of your game. Yes, your family and friends might be there to support you but they do suffer from not having you around from time to time. Many sacrifices have to be made and when the time comes to call it quits, you have to consider what’s best for you and your future.

This is the consensus which resonated from the somewhat saddened duo when they dropped individual videos explaining the matter.



What Will You Miss the Most?

As I said in a previous post, they must have been on some creative steroids because the amount of content they were producing was phenomenal. Everything from skits, music reviews and memes, they had us in stitches. Some of my favourites being Famous Moments in Coloured History and those hit Old Skool sing alongs like; Never Gonna Dums AgainDon’t You Smaak Me and I Can’t Dala That to name but a few.



To Sep & Simon I wish you guys the best of luck for the future and I know you guys will kick ass in your individual capacities.


Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Sep & Simon moments were.

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