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2019 is off to an exciting start for Kamini Pather. Several months ago, the Masterchef Winner (Season 2) launched her healthy food delivery service. FÜDY was created as ideal solution for anyone wishing to follow a healthy, lean yet delicious diet. Capetonians, known for their love of healthier food offerings, have flocked to Uber Eats since its launch. Now Pather has rapidly expanded FÜDY and the latest and most exciting development sees an increase in the menu and the dishes available.

Kamini Pather

“12 months ago, my world was very different and even though owning my own business is a daily task, it is wholly satisfying to know that it is “the fruit of my brain”.” says Pather. “Food has always been my first love. I worked hard to win the MasterChef title and that launched my career into a follow-up TV show, Girl Eat World. I’ve also enjoyed time on radio as a food presenter too but all along my focus was on being a chef. “

Has her new life as an entrepreneur been exciting and challenging? “Starting a business is not for the faint hearted. I wake up in a flat panic on most days because I know that the buck stops with me. But the joy of seeing progress also stops with me – it’s a double-edged sword. The anecdotal feedback from the customers has been gratifying and insightful and has also shown us the need for additional offerings to the FÜDY menu. Being a businesswoman, whilst being a chef, was never going to be easy, but we’re lucky to live in a country filled with potential in the SME business space. If you see an opportunity, my advice it to rally a good team and go for it.”


The Menu

Heath Box items include:

1) Curry Box

Wild rice with lentils, grilled chickpeas and broccoli florets with crispy tofu and (because you can never have enough chana) garnished with masala’d chickpeas and the signature Curry Box sauce-tomato, onion and mother-in-law masala and blended with cold coconut oil giving it a “butter curry” style flavour.

2) Shroom Box

Whole-wheat couscous with toasted almonds, butternut and wilted swiss chard, a free-range chicken fillet, fresh thyme and The Shroom sauce – cashew nut cream given dept with portobello mushrooms, roasted garlic and thyme.

3) Arrabbiata Box

Singed cauliflower rice with charred cucumber and corn with crispy onions, chickpea and nigella seed pops and Arrabbiata sauce – a full-bodied tomato sauce piqued with red chilli.

4) Satay Box

The inspiration for the Zoodle Box range – grilled zucchini noodles with al dente snap peas and brinjal, black bean and quinoa bombs, soy-roasted nuts and The Satay sauce – coconut milk infused with turmeric root and lemongrass.

5) Design-a-Box

Mix and match any of the FÜDY Health Box flavours and create own signature dish. Choose a low GI base, a blend of fresh veggies, an animal or plant-based protein and then sauce-them-all-up with one of the vegan-friendly sauce. Easy peasy.


Zoodle Bar options include

1) Basil Pesto and pecorino

Simple flavours that we all know and love but can’t get enough of. Basil with garlic, cashews and almonds blended into submission. And with a little extra pecorino because why not

2) Black Bean Chili

A vegan-friendly black bean chili with the smokey wiles of chipotle peppers in a rich tomato base served with a Santa Anna nacho crumble and corn salsa. To live your best life, add some avo.

3) Butterbean Masala

Balanced flavours of masala, black mustard seeds and curry leaves give this butter bean curry a warming and inviting flavour. Add some popadoms, green raita and fresh sambal for an updated Indian dish.

4) Beets & Chevin

If “you are what you eat” then eating this dish would make you exotic and inspiring. This is a saucy zoodle dish with beetroot and almonds coating the zucchini and crowned by the wild, goaty flavours of the Chevin and cashew nut cream. It’s a crowd pleaser, if you dare.

5) Spinach & Ricotta Gnocchi

While not technically gnocchi, these spinach and ricotta gnudi (ricotta-based dumplings) are light and luxurious at the same time – THAT’S how special this ricotta gnocchi are. It is paired with an old favourite, the Arrabbiata sauce, which gives it the spiciness it needs to ascend to greatness.

In true Kamini style, FÜDY also took things it a step further. The beautifully designed bowls that food is delivered in are compostable. Food used is all consciously sourced from local suppliers. This supports the producers in the area, reducing their farm-to-table foot print and time between harvest and consumption. Kamini is invested in looking after the environment and implementing a green approach within her business. Her aim is to consciously reduce plastic and food waste. The food containers are made from compressed bagasse (sugarcane waste):

  • Bagasse is a waste material from the sugar industry.
  • Bagasse is annually renewable.
  • It’s certified GM-free.
  • Bagasse is a tree-free paper.
  • It is home compostable and will biodegrade into natural materials if exposed to bacteria, moisture and heat.
  • Bagasse products are recyclable with other paper products as long as they have not absorbed any grease from food.


If the customer chooses cutlery, they will receive the a CPLA cutlery: CPLA is a combination of PLA, chalk and other biodegradable additives and can withstand temperatures of up to 95°C without deforming. It is opaque in colour. this is compostable by being ground up and processed using proper composting methods.

Learn more about FÜDY by following @FudyDelivery on Instagram.

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