Sizzling Sizzled turns 6

By VersatileLyle

Sizzling Sizzled turns 6!

My kid turns six years old this week and as a parent you would naturally plan a little celebration, involving everything your kid enjoys and loves. I imagine that it would be the same for the Sizzled team, seeing their baby grow up and wanting to celebrate this milestone by giving their kid everything it enjoys. With that said, Sizzled promises to bring back the formula that started it all, Feel Good Sunday Vibes!

feel good sunday vibes

Born Sunday 7 April 2013, exactly 6 years later on Sunday 7 April 2019 will we commemorate our movement by serving you the original satisfying Sizzled concept by bringing the focus back to the dance-floor, music and DJ’s unseen.

The original Sizzled experience means an intimate setting and smaller venue capacity, so only a limited amount of tickets will be sold. To heighten nostalgia they have headhunted top braai-master’s & chef’s to prepare the most delicious braai for lunch. Their aim is not to repeat past, however the objective is to bring back that feeling of getting lost in the music together! Forget about big DJ names and the regular same ol’, same ol’!

We sense a true yearning for nostalgia, big smiles, feel good vibes and underground culture! Come experience the original Sizzled!


Sizzled turns 6


An uncharted outdoor space. A national monument. The Fort Wynyard.

The Fort Wynyard, situated in Green Point will be the playing ground giving you a fresh experience, which adds so much more excitement to this grand affair.


Tickets are limited to venue capacity. Only those with tickets may be allowed to enter. Book your limited ticket today for only R150 via Computicket: or visit any Checkers store.

PLEASE NOTE, once pre-sold tickets reaches its capacity limit they would then be SOLD OUT!

No Under 21 allowed.

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