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By VersatileLyle

Travel Tuesday: Travel Vlogging

Tuesday 26th April was a day filled with talks about vlogging. A Travel Tuesday of note! First up was a morning interview to represent Travelstart on SABC 3’s Expresso Morning Show where I sat down with Thabiso and Leigh-Anne as we chatted on the topic of Travel Vlogging. Couple of hours later, I found myself back on air on Goodhope FM with Lunch with Leigh-Anne for the Trending Tuesday’s Travel segment and we continued the discussion.

Travel Vlogging

Summary of what was covered on both shows

What’s the appeal about vlogging?

A Vlog or video log is a type of blogging where the medium takes the form of video which is uploaded to the web. A typical vlogger would regularly post videos to social media providing content for their audience.

The appeal these days in becoming a vlogger can therefore be attributed to this “content creation space” we find ourselves in and through great content, money can be made.

Can anyone start a vlog and what do you need?

The simple answer is, Yes!

As for equipment needed, it’s right in your pocket.

Vloggers make use of:

  • Smartphone
  • GoPro
  • Digital Camera
  • Drones
  • Stabilizer
  • Microphone

Then there’s software for editing of your video content, for example:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut
  • Quik (smartphone)

What are important things to include in a good travel vlog?

A good travel vlog or any vlog for that matter should incorporate the following:

  • Plan of Action (Plan what you want to shoot beforehand)
  • Great Lighting & Sound
  • Keep your audience engaged with amazing visuals (people, food, landscapes)
  • Make use of POV (Point of View) footage
  • Shoot long and short clips.
  • Don’t shoot everything.
  • Be unique, be yourself.
  • Keep at it!

My top destinations to do a travel vlog in 2019

  • South Africa
  • Houston, Texas (50th Anniversary of the Lunar landing)
  • Egypt – Great Pyramids of Giza
  • Cuba – Havana
  • Malta – Mediterranean Island Life

Vloggers of the week:

Chad Nathan aka GingerwithaGoPro

Richard Haubrich – Director of content at @instagram_SA

The brains behind one of the largest instagram communities in South Africa (@instagram_sa).

Kyle Mijlof – @mijlof

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