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How many tourists have you seen flock to our shores over the years? If tourists can enjoy your hometown then surely you can too. Some local attractions may be geared towards foreign currencies which could prove costly for locals but having said that, enjoying your hometown shouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg. Here are some of my top tips to be a tourist in your hometown.

Visit the Tourism Office

First off visit your tourism office or visit their website. They know everything there is about your town. For Capetonians, Cape Town Tourism would be your go-to for all information. Tourists visit your town for a reason, go figure out what that is!

Grab a map, some brochures and plan your “visit”

Use alternative modes of Transport

Ditch your vehicle and make use of your city’s transport system. Immerse yourself fully as a tourist and make your way around town. The beauty about this is that you might just get blown away to see things you often missed while driving your own vehicle.

Book Accommodation

If you are going to go full “Tourist Mode” then book yourself a room in the city. Try a local backpackers hotel or even an Airbnb apartment and get that authentic hometown feeling.

For example: Once in Cape Town

Once in Cape Town

Once in Cape Town

Time Travel

No matter how long you’ve lived in a town there will always be things you don’t know about it. So, use that time off to learn about its history. Go to museums, read books or take a tour!

Iziko Museums are a great source of historical knowledge, find your local museum and soak in those facts.

Go on a City Tour

There are so many tour operators just waiting for you to make use of their services, go on search for the tour that best suits your travel needs and explore your city.

Examples would be City Sightseeing Red Bus tours, free inner-city walking tours, food tours, township tours etc.

RedBus Tour

📷: @wanderwithc (Instagram)

Show Foreigners Around

Do you have friends and family arriving? Why not explore along with them not only would they be getting to experience your town but you yourself will be able to get a renewed sense of what your city has to offer and always try new experiences and places you have yet to explore.

Travel Blogger of the Week

My Travel blogger of the week goes to one of my mentors in the blogging industry, Di Brown aka the Roaming Giraffe. She can tell you a thing or two about a tourist in your own city. She also believes that you are never too old for a new adventure.

Travel Tuesday

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Travel Tuesday on Lunch with Leigh-Anne

Travel Tuesday on Lunch with Leigh-Anne


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