Little Tikes 50 years of Playing Big

50 years of Playing Big
By VersatileLyle

Little Tikes Review

This might come as shock to you and you probably wondering why is Lyle reviewing toys now? Well, it’s simple, I’m a dude and as grown up up dudes, we don’t age, we only get added responsibilities, like paying bills, focusing time on our careers or teaching our kids core values of life. One such value, is the value of sharing and in this review, I will explain just how Little Tikes helped me out!

Little Tikes approached me to enquire whether or not I would be keen on doing a toy review for them. Having two kids I politely obliged. However, when we received the toys, we found out it was geared towards younger children. Now, I could have easily returned the toys but what happened next took me by surprise.


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My boys acknowledged the fact that they were indeed too old to be playing with the toys and they decided that the best course of action would be to share it with kids much younger than themselves. That just made me one proud father, knowing that my children put the needs of others before their own.

Little Tikes Touch ‘n’ Go Flyers – Plane

Little Tikes plane

The Touch ‘n’ Go Airplanes are battery operated flyers that are controlled by touch! Children from 2 years and older will enjoy hours of fun with this exciting plane as they jet off into a world of possibility. Being in the travel industry, I believe this toy could instill a love for travel for little ones who want to reach for the skies!

Key Features:

  • Sound effects with touch areas on the vehicle.
  • Engine idles and revs.
  • Actual motorized spinning rotors/propellers!

Just look how happy this toy has made little Luke and this is what his mom had to say,

“This airplane has proved to be HOURS of entertainment. One of the few toys that keeps his interest, while making him laugh! We are trying to stimulate him to get him to crawl, so the fact that it races off just like an airplane, sounds included, is a big win for us. This is already a very firm favourite and squeals of delight when he gets to play with it. Not only that, but my 4 year old daughter is just as enthralled with it. This is a toy that they actually play with together, and they share!”

Little Luke

Little Tikes Touch ‘n’ Go Flyers – Helicopter

Little Tikes Helicopter

The Touch ‘n’ Go Helicopter is pretty much the same as the airplane but thanks to Little Tikes for giving little ones the option of choosing between the two. I know that as a kid, I was obsessed with helicopters so, this would have probably been my go-to toy.

Key Features:

  • Sound effects with touch areas on the vehicle.
  • Engine idles and revs.
  • Actual motorized spinning rotors/propellers!

It has definitely lifted little Mason’s spirit, check the excitement on his face.

Little Mason

Little Tikes Monster Dirt Diggers

Little Tikes Monster Dirt Digger

Large articulated crane with spring-loaded claw can be rotated for 360 degrees of play. Removable Crane can be used as a sand tool. Trucks bed tilts sideways to dump contents. Front articulated cab with integrated handle to easily drive and steer the truck.

Little Adam and Maximilian might just be our future civil engineers, just look at them enjoying their Monster Dirt Diggers.

Little Adam

“Adam absolutely loves his new toy. Every time he discovers something new he gets really excited and starts screaming ecstatically. It’s big enough so I don’t have to worry about small parts being digested. It’s an amazing fit for my little boy.” Adam’s mom.

Little Max

50 Years of Little Tikes

Little Tikes has been sharing the love of toys for fifty years and it made me think back on my childhood and how toys played an integral part of my upbringing. It would take me on a journey of discovery into an imaginary world where everything brought about smiles and laughter. Toys have the ability to turn sorrow into joy, sadness into happiness and pain into jubilation. This is what Little Tikes is all about. They have been getting kids up and active since 1969, making toys that help kids of all ages PLAY BIG!

Don’t be fooled by the name LITTLE TIKES they are big on toys and have a huge selection to make any kid play BIG! Little Tikes can be found at all major toy stores, for list of stores, click here.

What was your favourite toy to play with as a child?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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