‘Open to the New Shades’ of Thailand – Chiang Rai

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Why you should add Chiang Rai on your itinerary when travelling to Thailand

Chiang Rai is a city in northern Thailand, in the mountainous province of the same name. They city is near the borders of Laos and Myanmar but why should you add Chiang Rai to your Thailand travel itinerary? Read on to find out more…

Thailand is a country known to travellers across the world for its signature dishes, beaches, cultural festivals and most of all, the kindness of Thai people and their smiles. These qualities are some of Thailand’s amazing assets that, over the years, have helped make visits truly memorable.

Even though the country is well recognized among travellers for its charms, there are lots of hidden, diversified and unique local cultural experience that are yet to be discovered. Unexplored travel locations, local food and craftsmanship await, ready to offer never-before-seen experience to visitors.

Thailand is amazing and full of diversity. It’s a land where millions of shades are there for everyone to embrace and explore. Go local, shift your perspective and open to the new shades of Thailand.

What are the New Shades of Thailand?

Gastronomy, Arts and Crafts, Thai Culture, Nature and Thai Way of Life.

Gastronomy – Chiang Rai

If you love tea, visiting tea plantations in Thailand will be one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Though Thailand isn’t the origin of some tea plants grown, tea plantations in Thailand are known for their high-quality products. Sure, you can buy them in Bangkok or bigger cities, but going straight to the sources is better. You can see first-hand how the tea comes to be as well as support the locals.

Thailand’s northernmost province, Chiang Rai, offers a chance to get away from it all. With its rolling hills, quaint villages and unique culture, it’d be a tragedy to leave off your itinerary!

If tea is not your cup of tea then try some Thai Cooking Classes, which can also be found in Bangkok, Chang Mai and Phuket.

Arts and Crafts

Chiang Rai is the hometown of some of Thailand’s most famous artists and many temples and other Buddhist architectural works in the city are some of their masterpieces. Interestingly, these fantasy like works of art actually reflect some truths about life.

White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) in Chiang Rai has its own amazing history. Wat Rong Khun was once an old, deteriorated temple until national artist and Chiang Rai native renovated it in an entirely new style. Apart from its heavenlike all-white exterior and intricate carvings, the artist mixes in pop culture in the White Temple design.

Things to do in Chiang Rai

Many travellers think of Chiang Rai as a peaceful province that has very little going on besides mountain trekking and hill-tribe visits. The city area, in particular, is often dismissed as not worthy for a visit. In fact, Chiang Rai offers a whole lot more in terms of activities. With ecotourism as the main theme, you will find nature a major part of your travel experience here.

  • Explore Caves
  • Hop on a city sightseeing tour by Tram
  • Cycling around the city
  • Golf – Chiang Rai’s laid-back pace and a vast, picturesque sprawl of mountains set the stage for an enjoyable golfing outing.
  • Hill-tribe Visits – Home to Thailand’s six largest ethnic hill-tribes, Chiang Rai is an ideal base for launching an overnight trekking expedition to visit various highland villages.
  • Natural Hot Springs
  • Jungle Hiking
  • Visit Waterfalls
  • Tea Plantations
  • Visit Temples

Chiang Rai

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