Top 3 Places to Stay in the West Coast

Top 3 Places to Stay in the West Coast
By VersatileLyle

The West Coast

When deciding on what to list for my top 3 places to stay in the West Coast, I was tempted to give you a list of lesser known places, but that’s not the case this time round. The West Coast is known for its winding roads filled with many a great spot for holiday goers but it is during the winter-spring period that this area really starts to bloom!

The Road Trip with the Most Twists

On route to my Top 3 Places to stay in the West Coast, I recommend browsing the West Coast Way website, where you will find the best road tripping advice from the experts of the Cape West Coast. Find out all there is to know about the Road Trip with the Most Twists and more! It will definitely open your eyes to an area of The Cape just waiting to be explored.


The Nostalgia of Yzerfontein

I have fond memories of family getaways along the West Coast and when I think back to my childhood then Yzerfontein springs to mind. My grandparents owned a holiday home in the area and was a mere 5 minute walk from the shore. We spent hours enjoying fun in the sun, building sand castles, exploring the dunes, pumping white mussels along the shore and sometimes we braved the cold Atlantic waters for a swim. Those were good times. The nostalgia of Yzerfontein will forever be embedded in my heart and mind and it remains one of my favourite West Coast towns.

The Allure of Langebaan

This magical little town keeps pulling me back, what is it about this place? It was my family’s go-to holiday destination, my parents would pack up everything and book a little chalet and off we went. A few years later, myself and a group of friends booked ourselves accommodation and celebrated my 21st birthday by partying up a storm in the town. Couple of years on, I married my best friend and promised to take her to Greece for our honeymoon, and yes you guessed it, I booked us a Club Mykonos villa for a week. We still laugh at it to this day. Langebaan just keeps pulling us back and now it has my children hooked on it too.

Soul Searching in Saldana

Funny story about my first weekend getaway in Saldana. It was a church youth weekend away and we ended up staying over at some army base (if memory serves) where we were trained in the art of making up dorm room beds along with many other important life lessons. Those sunrise runs and 45° angle sheet corners still haunt me to this day and I bet it was then, that I developed a knack for trying to make everything perfectly aligned, damn OCD! Saldana is also a hot spot for great seafood delicacies and is a major draw card to feed my hunger for the sea.

Explore the West Coast with West Coast Way

West Coast Way is South Africa’s road trip with the most twists. Explore a unique collection of 101 road trip stops along themed routes by planning a self-drive trip or guided tour for a nature and adventure-filled Cape West Coast vacation. The new West Coast Way “basket” of free routes on offer include the West Coast Way Tractor Route, the West Coast Way Berg Route, the West Coast Way Foodie Route, the West Coast Way Cultural Route, the West Coast Way Wild Route – as well as the newly launched Cape Way Route – all of which are designed to showcase the many attractions and activities that are already on offer on the Cape West Coast and inland areas – but may be unknown to many.


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West Coast Way

For more information on West Coast Way, the other routes on offer, and the list of 101 Things to Do on the West Coast visit or call West Coast Way on 0861 321 777. Connect with West Coast Way on Facebook and Twitter @WestCoastWaySA.

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