7 Best Places to Visit in Namibia

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7 Best Places to Visit in Namibia

Namibia is such a fascinating place rich in history, filled with beautiful rolling landscapes, adventure fueled getaways, wildlife galore and so much more! Experience a selection of 7 Best Places to Visit in Namibia.

How long does it take to get to Namibia from Cape Town?

The average Cape Town to Windhoek flight time is around 2 hours and around 15 hours if you are planning a road trip.

Best Places to visit in Namibia?


Sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes, located in the southern part of the Namib Desert and is one of the major visitor attractions of Namibia. In the Nama language, “Sossus” means “a gathering place for water”. Perfect for photographers and the best time to visit between July – November.


Visit the capital and experience the best city life Namibia has to offer.


Swakopmund is a coastal city in Namibia, west of the capital, Windhoek. Its sandy beaches face the Atlantic Ocean and was established by German colonists in 1892 and the German influence can still be seen to this day.


Photo by Michal Průcha on Unsplash

Dune 7

The dunes of Namibia were created by sand being carried on the wind from the coast. Namibia is home to the largest sand dunes in the world. They attract a vast number of travellers each year, many of whom aim to climb up the sands and enjoy a thrilling slide back down. Dune 7 is the highest dune in Namibia. The dune has been measured at over 383 meters and is named Dune 7 because it is the seventh dune one encounters after crossing the river Tsauchab.

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is a national park in northwestern Namibia. Etosha Pan makes game viewing in Etosha a unique experience. The large mammals in Etosha National Park include lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, giraffe, wildebeest, cheetah, hyena, mountain and plains zebra, springbok, kudu, gemsbok and eland.

Zebras in Etosha National Park in Namibia

Photo by JP Desvigne on Unsplash

Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast National Park stretches along Namibia’s northwestern coast. The fog-shrouded beaches of this sprawling and remote wilderness areas are littered with shipwrecks and whale skeletons.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Photo by Sam Power on Unsplash

Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay is a port town on the coast of Namibia. Sheltered by the Pelican Point sand spit, its tidal lagoon is home to an abundance of birdlife including flamingos, pelicans and Damara terns. The harbor is busy with fishing boats and ships. Dolphins, whales and Cape fur seals inhabit the Atlantic waters around the Pelican Point Lighthouse. East of the bay, coastal sand dunes like Dune 7 marks the start of the Namib Desert.


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