How I started a Podcast!

How I Started a Podcast
By VersatileLyle

Keeping it Real with VersatileLyle

Those in the know will be aware of the fact that I have been part of the GoodHope Fm family for over a year now and stemming from my time on air, I decided to up my game and refine my “Radio Voice”. This brought about the birth of Keeping it Real with VersatileLyle podcast!

Why start a Podcast?

As I mentioned above the purpose was to find my voice within the broadcasting industry but it also serves as a platform to voice my opinions and to beat lockdown boredom. There are many reasons to start a podcast but it would be up to you if you want to try something different.

How to Start a Podcast?

For many, this might come as a shocker but all you hear on the podcast has been recorded on my mobile phone, a lapel microphone and utilising the following apps:

  • InShot
  • Anchor
  • Spotify

I would use InShot to record and making use of various sounds and audio clips for the show then uploading Anchor and publishing it to Spotify.

Podcast Topics

When it comes to topics I went the route of keeping it real hence the name of the show. Topics covered range from current affairs, entertainment, travel, sport, food and the odd interview now and then. If you are looking at starting a podcast and looking for topics then decide on a niche that interests you and which would interest your future audience.

Keeping it Real with VersatileLyle

Have you given it a listen as yet? If not go check it out and let me know what you think.


Thinking about starting a podcast or if you would like to be featured on the

Keeping it Real with VersatileLyle podcast then get in touch or leave a comment below.

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