Festive Season Holidays

By VersatileLyle

Festive Season Holidays

The Festive Season Holidays are fast approaching and while many might still be questioning whether to venture out this year, others have already booked that much-needed getaway.

Where would you go on holiday?

As I was walking in the park with my kids I overheard two dads talking about the upcoming festive season and they were discussing whether or not they would be doing their usual camping trip seeing as travel is now allowed under level 1. I could hear that they were still undecided. 

This got me thinking, so many of us are still unsure, should we be actually venturing out or where should we be going this coming festive season? 

As a child, we were fond of holidays at my grandparent’s holiday home in Yzerfontein and later exploring Langebaan, Algeria in the Cederberg and various cabins and camping sites throughout the Western Cape. 

Book Now

Festive trimmings are already popping up and as we are nearing November and edging ever closer to, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” we should be thinking about getting those bookings finalised, we could all do with a little break. 

Types of Getaways to Consider

There are so many options available but you have to be quick about it to avoid disappointment. Types of getaways to consider are:

  • Camping/Glamping
  • Poolside Resorts
  • Beach Getaways
  • Wine Farm Stays
  • Hotel Stays
  • Safari

Relive your Youth

Relive those fond memories and venture back to your best holidays in South Africa!

So, where did you go on holiday as a youngster and where will you be going this festive season? 

The following post was discussed on Goodhope FM’s Travel Tuesday segment (20 October 2020) on The Morning Show with Leigh-Anne Williams.

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