Top Hiking Trails in the Western Cape

By VersatileLyle

I had the privilege of being part of a group of media that was invited to experience the reopening of the famous Whale Trail and while we only managed to experience a snippet of the trail it left me wanting more. So, let’s explore some of the Top Hiking Trails in the Western Cape.

What to pack for a day of Hiking?

Before we get into the top trails let’s quickly touch on what to pack for your hiking trip. 

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers
  2. Pack in water or other refreshments to stay hydrated
  3. Snacks for when the hunger kicks in
  4. Sunblock
  5. Sunhat
  6. First aid kit (if possible)

What is the perfect time to go hiking?

Now that you have an idea of what you need to pack, you need to figure out what is the best time to go hiking. The best times are usually around sunrise and sunset so it really depends on whether you’re an early or late riser. You don’t really want to be caught on a trail midday when the sun is beating done on you.

What are some Safety Tips while Hiking?

It’s important to be prepared before you set off and to follow these guidelines:

  1. Check out the area prior to the walk
  2. Always inform someone of your intended route and your expected time of return
  3. Do not hike alone, four is an ideal party size
  4. Choose the route according to the ability, fitness and experience of the group.
  5. Stay on the trail at all times
Photo by find me under the palms on Unsplash

What are the Top Hiking Trails in the Western Cape?

Let’s dive straight into the list which consists of various fitness levels.

  1. Lion’s Head (Duration 2 – 3 hours)
  2. Platteklip Gorge (Duration 3 hours)
  3. Constantia Neck (Duration 2 hours)
  4. Paarl Rock (Duration 2 hours)
  5. Crystal Pools (Duration 3 hours)
  6. Kogelberg Trail (Duration 8 hours)
  7. Newlands Forest
  8. Cape Point
  9. Jonkershoek Nature Reserve
  10. De Hoop Nature Reserve – Whale Trail (5 Days)

The following post was discussed on Goodhope FM’s Travel Tuesday segment (3 November 2020) on The Morning Show with Leigh-Anne Williams.

What are some of your favourite hiking trails in the Western Cape?

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