Big Tourism Wins for the Western Cape

By VersatileLyle

Western Cape Wins Big at World Travel Awards

Congratulations to the Western Cape winners of the World Travel Awards’ Africa 2020 category, which were announced last week. The awards reaffirm the province and the city’s status as a world-class travel destination. 

The World Travel Awards are the most prestigious, comprehensive and sought-after awards programme in the global travel and tourism industry. 


  • For the fourth consecutive year, Cape Town International Airport has been awarded the title of ‘Africa’s Leading Airport’, 
  • The City of Cape Town was awarded the title of ‘Africa’s Leading Festival & Event Destination’ for the third consecutive year.
  • Table Mountain picked up the ‘Africa’s Leading Tourist Attraction’ title for the second consecutive year.

Receiving these awards is welcome recognition of the continued excellence we offer visitors to Cape Town and the Western Cape. 

Covid-19 Pandemic

In addition, the tourism sector has been hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic this year, and so these awards are a confidence boost to the sector which has shown great resilience and adaption during this difficult time. 

Summer Season

The upcoming summer season will be an important period for our tourism and travel sector as we seek to rebuild our economy and save jobs in the Western Cape.

It’s important that Cape Town and the Western Cape are front of mind for those looking to book their next holiday.

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