Who am I?

Real name: Lyle Scritten, born in Cape Town, still in Cape Town. A husband to Miss Molly and father to my Youtube mad boys, Zachary and Wyatt. Music and arts lover. Lifestyle Blogger. Travel Blogger. Tech Blogger. Food Blogger. Events Blogger. Versatile Blogger.  I am VersatileLyle.

Lyle Scritten 2


I started out blogging back in 2008 while working at MWEB Business. Where I learnt about hosting, domains and various other internet mumbo jumbo. Back then the blog was called, “The Lyle Scritten Chronicles” where I wrote about things happening in my life and other silly short stories. I’ve come a long way since then. Most noticeable achievement thus far was being named a finalist in the Mission Samsung Blogger Challenge.

Why the name VersatileLyle?

My friends gave me the nickname, Bread aka Brood aka brood holle(Bread ass). Yip, I grew up on the Cape Flats and with size of my head I’m glad I didn’t get the name koppe. Thank God my sister-in-law coined the phrase “VersatileLyle” which she suggested I use owing to my love of different genres of music. From then on I have adopted the name.

What to expect from this blog

The blog focuses on various topics. As the name suggests, I’m not restricted to one
niche so it’s quite refreshing to just dive in and write about different events in and around Cape Town, interview artists, do the odd car or food review. Well you get the point. 10 years on and I am still at it!



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