• Wonder Women: Dhanusha Dhoorgalu

    I’ve Only Just Recently Met Dhanusha Dhoorgalu She has such a cool name don’t you think? Say it with me, “Dha-nu-sha”, how cool does that not sound! When I finally met the person whom I’ve been emailing for the past year I quickly learnt that she’s even cooler than her name. Dhanusha Dhoorgalu aka Miss Dhanusha

  • Wonder Women: Zahrah Robinson

    Interview with my Neighbour, Zahrah Robinson This is the part where I am supposed to tell you a bit about Zahrah Robinson and why I chose to interview her. Well, I’ll get to that in a second. Firstly, please don’t make the same mistake I made. Confession Time – I have, for the longest time, been pronouncing my

    Zahrah Robinson
  • Wonder Women: Chiara Weeder

    An Interview with my Childhood Friend, Chiara Weeder My first encounter with this special being is a bit of a blur and the timeline might be off but I’m going on a limb here and say that we’ve been good friends for close to 20 years. But who is Chiara Weeder exactly? Who was this

    Chiara Weeder
  • Wonder Women: Mishka Patel

      I got to Interview Mishka Patel My job allows me to meet some interesting people and one of them just happened to be Mishka Patel. We had an “e-introduction”, which led to coffee, and now this interview. Well, I had coffee, (being a busy dad – I basically run on coffee) while Mishka being

    Mishka Patel
  • Melissa Magiera – Top Model South Africa 2018 Winner

    Top Model South Africa 2018 Winner is Cape Town’s own Melissa Magiera Cape Town model, Melissa Magiera, was recently crowned the winner of Top Model South Africa and will be taking part in the Top Model Worldwide competition in London in April 2018. Melissa is a beautiful, fun loving Capetonian with a smile that can only be described

  • Women’s Month: An Interview with Mandy Alexander

    Women’s Month: The Second Interview I kicked off the interviews by interviewing my wife a couple of weeks ago (see here). This time round I decided to feature a young creative female, and her work is dope, she take a deeper dive into her heritage, as a coloured female, in the form of writing. Expressing

  • Women’s Month: An Interview with my Wife

    Women’s Month August is Women’s Month in South Africa. It is the month dedicated to remembering the struggles of women during apartheid and the fight they endured for our freedom today. Have conditions changed for women in South Africa since then? This month I will be profiling and interviewing women and hearing their thoughts on

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