• Big Tourism Wins for the Western Cape

    Western Cape Wins Big at World Travel Awards Congratulations to the Western Cape winners of the World Travel Awards’ Africa 2020 category, which were announced last week. The awards reaffirm the province and the city’s status as a world-class travel destination.  The World Travel Awards are the most prestigious, comprehensive and sought-after awards programme in

  • Mauritius in 5 Minutes

    South Africans Love Mauritius! South Africans just cannot get enough of Mauritius, I remember a time back in the 90’s and early 00’s when Mauritius was all the craze, but what makes the island destination so popular? Let’s take a “dive” into some questions surrounding this beautiful place. Where is Mauritius? Mauritius, is an island

  • The Wonderful Cape West Coast

    Enjoy the Cape West Coast Capetonians are lucky in the fact that they have so many diverse surroundings to explore, one such place is the Cape West Coast. What makes this place so special and what is there to be done in area? For answers to these and more, read on. What makes the West Coast

    The Wonderful Cape West Coast
  • ‘Open to the New Shades’ of Thailand – Chiang Rai

    Why you should add Chiang Rai on your itinerary when travelling to Thailand Chiang Rai is a city in northern Thailand, in the mountainous province of the same name. They city is near the borders of Laos and Myanmar but why should you add Chiang Rai to your Thailand travel itinerary? Read on to find

  • How to Get Paid to Explore the World

    Get a Job that allows you to see the World! Do you find yourself dreaming of seeing the world and all her beauty? Have you been bitten by the travel bug?  Always thinking about your next trip? Do you work just to travel? Then why not get the best of both worlds and explore a

    How to Get Paid to Explore the World
  • What to expect from Holiday Cruises?

    To Cruise or not to Cruise Not quite sure what to expect from holiday cruises? From the likes of Entertainment, Food, Accomodation, Destinations and more… Let’s dive straight into it then. Food 3 meals per day is usually covered within the overall package but if you are wanting variety then expect to pay more. The

    What to expect from Holiday Cruises

    TIPS TO BE A TOURIST IN YOUR HOMETOWN How many tourists have you seen flock to our shores over the years? If tourists can enjoy your hometown then surely you can too. Some local attractions may be geared towards foreign currencies which could prove costly for locals but having said that, enjoying your hometown shouldn’t

  • Solo Travel

    Solo Travel Ever thought about travelling alone? The thought solo travel and not having to worry about others while exploring has definitely crossed my mind. Think about it for second, if your travel companion decides that they would like to sleep in late and your mission is to see the sights and you haven’t factored

    Solo Travel_Header
  • Small Towns to EXPLORE in the Western Cape

    Visit Small Towns in the Cape for a Great Time It doesn’t take much to live your best life these days and money shouldn’t prohibit you from experiencing the happiness that comes from travelling. Why not just consider local travel, it has brought me so much joy in the past year that I have decided

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