North Seoland is unchartered territory to many people. This intriguing destination is home to some of the most obscure, but equally fascinating, cities you’ll ever come across. Brimming with buzzwords, algorithms and magical tales, you can’t help but lose yourself in a world of ethereal caves, unicorns, pirate coves and elaborate golf courses.

Live out your wildest childhood fantasies in Brightdale, an animated city of pure indulgence. Leave all electronic gadgets at home as you’ll be spending all your time exploring your alter-egos in Role Play City or feasting on doughnuts at Candy Village! Be sure to pre-book a few days in Mystical Lands, where you’ll get up-close-and-personal with your favourite fantasy creatures. This colourful city is bursting with cartoon characters, robotic wildlife and even a giant chocolate fountain. Whatever tickles your fantasy, the magical city of Brightdale will tease and delight you!

If Brightdale doesn’t excite you, just a little further north, tucked away in the Eurukeleni forest, lie the ancient burial sites and glittering caves of Silverhollow, home to some of the most illustrious trance and techno-music festivals in the world. For an extra-terrestrial experience, summertime is when festival-goers ring in the New Year with dazzling art displays and a kaleidoscope of colours bouncing between the limestone carvings. The Journey Festival in Lucid Cave is not for the faint-hearted, where a spiritual journey into outer dimensions awaits. Feel the hypnotic beats pulsing through your veins as you dance your way through each chamber, embracing the spiritual harmony of everyone you meet.

If you’re after a relaxing retreat, away from the urban beat, look no further than the quaint city of Jowsamo, nestled between scenic landscapes and stunning mountains. Nature-enthusiasts will love the historical trails of Lizzard Mountain, offering breathtaking vistas from its majestic peaks. Pack a picnic and enjoy a summers’ day along the Redtea River, a spell-binding feature of crimson ripples flowing through the city. Serious golfers can tee off at the historic 172-par Redtea Golf Course, where you’ll be challenged on your skill and endurance.

To add an exotic streak to your trip, make your way across the bay to the tropical coastal shores of Barnacleport and discover the hidden treasures of this 16th-century island. Notorious for its rum-swigging pirates and historic battles, this treasure chest is brimming with fascinating attractions of rum festivals, underwater treasure hunts, legendary caves and, no doubt, its original Krakenjack pirate rum. Dive down to the lost treasures in Rapscallion Bay by day. By night, seek out ancient taverns and hideaways revealing rum-washed nights of sea fables and rhymes.

Whichever city you choose to explore, North Seoland is nothing short of heart-stopping wonder and adventure!

For more information, visit: Brightdale, Jowsamo, Silverhollow, Barnacleport

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